Ideation Workshops

Ideation Workshops

When businesses are looking for long-term growth platforms, Digital Minds can assist them to identify new markets that are commercially and strategically attractive, where they have a right to participate and succeed.

Having first identified suitable markets, we then identify and quantify areas of opportunity in which to create new businesses or lines of business. These opportunity areas can then be populated with potential business concepts and propositions.

We help companies design and implement innovation functions that get tangible results, from company-wide functions and innovation Centres of Excellence to proposition development teams.

We work with companies to both improve existing functions and design new ones. Our 100 Day Innovation Plan provides an innovation blueprint detailing your innovation vision and mission, mandate, governance, processes, skill sets, organizational design and culture.

Our process is thorough and commercial, incorporating both the front end and the back end of innovation. In addition, we help you make the case for investment in innovation and build the required buy-in that you will need for success.