About Us

Who we are

Savvyan is an Independent Product Development, IT Consulting and Services firm that provides Development Support, Managed Services, DDC& BOT support and IT Staffing solutions. Our assets are based in United States, Singapore and India to deliver customized solutions through Innovation, Technologies, Industry Best Practices and Processes.

Mission & Vision

Mission : “Secure the heights in Technology arena with great excellence”
Vision : Ease the Technology to reach everyone with affordability

Chairman Message

We always had an entrepreneurial spirit, which is part of the reason we have so many diverse services and offerings. We let our people follow their passions. This enables us to attract and retain talented individuals who have over the years created new area of practice based on their industry insights and expertise.

We balance our creative entrepreneurial spirit with a focus on discipline, quality and deep capabilities. Our people are focused on making things happen, on getting the job done, and getting it done right.

People and teams are expected and encouraged to be open, honest, and candid with their perspectives. We deeply value diversity in thought and talents. We value respect, teamwork, innovation and a focus on business outcomes.

Our Culture & Values

Culture : Innovation & Creativity are our DNA which exhibits Savvyan’s culture.
Values : Customer satisfaction defines our Values with Quality Results, Integrity and Teamwork.